Why I love the Internet so much

The Internet really surprises me sometimes! Now I don’t want to say that I am naive about it nor will I imply that I am a tech genius. I have social media accounts (thank you Rebecca!) and I have this blog so I am more than a novice when it comes to the Internet.

But even with that, I am still amazed by this digital world!

I love how the Internet connects!

I guess all this enthusiasm started when I got to connect with an old friend via Facebook. Her name is Lena and we were roommates back in college. I haven’t seen her since we graduated because she moved to the US to work. Let me tell you how we connected.

Apparently, she sent me a friend request two months ago and I never realized! I didn’t know what that was and I asked Rebecca about it. She sort of rolled her eyes at me and told me it was friend requests. Haha smart one.

Anyway, I looked into it (I had a lot!) and I found Lena! I was so excited about it! I immediately accepted and sent her a message! It took her some time to reply – because she was working at that time. But when she did, I was waiting for it so I answered back. We haven’t stopped chatting since. I told her I have a blog and that I would tell you guys about how we connected again so – shout out to Lena!

It was fun catching up again. I could still remember the times when we would just stay in our room talking about anything and everything. It was really cool to reminisce. We’ve been talking about seeing each other but we haven’t really decided who will come over. It is quite a long distance after all.

The Internet is one cool world if I do say so myself.

I started an Instagram blog!

With everything going on and my new found confidence in surfing the Internet, I also thought about starting an Instagram blog! I am still new at this but I have posted a couple of photos of what I have been cooking at home. I haven’t decided where this new blog will lead to. It will definitely be about my cooking. Sarah suggested that I post videos of how I cook our meals. I am not so sure about that because I feel silly talking to a camera – but it sure sounds like fun.

Harry said he will help me look for my equipment. My eldest, Edward, will be coming home to visit soon. They said they can join forces to set it up for me so I only have to turn it on and off. I am still unsure but all this talk is getting me excited about all of it.

For now, you will just see photos and recipes on my Instagram blog. I will be putting up more in the coming days.

I am really having a lot of fun exploring the possibilities of what I can do on the Internet. This blog started it all and the ideas that I have in my head just keep on coming.

Will let you know how everything will develop. Wish me luck!

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