Something Definitely Unexpected!

big win at slot

I won in an online casino game! Can you believe it? Well, I never would have guessed this would happen to me!

I am not one to play online games. I have nothing against it – do not get me wrong. However, I never really thought about playing these games – much less online casino games.

Harry, on the other hand, has an account in one of the casinos on the Internet. I remember there was this one time that he showed me what he was playing. I couldn’t really be bothered by then. But now that I am always alone at home, well, I have to say the idea is starting to appeal to me.

So I asked Harry about his login details and I started playing. Now I am starting to understand why this is a really fun thing to do!

I played an online casino game

I wasn’t going to play the online table games the way Harry did. I am more of the slot machine type. I chanced upon the Miss Kitty slot game and I started playing – with Harry’s money of course.

I love the theme – obviously because I am a lover of cats. The game has 5 reels and the first few minutes – I was already hitting some wins. I liked the game because there were symbolisms based on the life of my favourite animal. There were yarns, a blue bird, milk carton, wind up mouse, and even a goldfish.

The game was simple enough and before I knew it, I was already playing for 2 hours! Can you believe that! Time flies when you are having fun! I had a couple of free spins and guess what? I won! I really won the jackpot.

I kept on playing for a while but I was careful not to go through everything that I won. I do not want to be too addicted to this.

When Harry called to check on me, he was just as ecstatic about my win. He said I was always the lucky one. He is such a sweetheart.

What to do with the money I won

Anyway, I was thinking about what we could do with the money I won. Harry never told me if he won anything – maybe it was not as significant as my winning – or maybe he has it stashed somewhere! Or maybe I am just overthinking everything.

But I am excited about withdrawing this amount. I have to wait for Harry to do it because it is his money after all. And I have no idea how to go about withdrawing this money. I found this site: about withdrawals at online casino, so maybe i can get some help there. I might end up sending it to someone else’s account and I definitely do not want that to happen.

Maybe we can do something special this weekend. Edward called last night to say that he took some time off and he will be coming for a visit this weekend. He will arrive Friday and will be staying until Sunday. I think that calls for something special right?

I wonder what we could do for the weekend? Maybe head out to the beach? Or maybe have a picnic? I found this new version of the beef casserole that he loved so much. I can cook that for him. We can use the money I won.

I really cannot wait to spend the money I won from the online casino. This is really a very special and unexpected upturn of events. Wait until I tell the girls!

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