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Lately, I find myself gravitating towards different cooking blogs on the Internet. I love cooking and since I have so much time in my hands right now, I find myself being more adventurous in the kitchen. I have always cooked from scratch but I usually stick to recipes that I am familiar with. There are times when my family would request me to learn something new and usually, it works out well.

This is probably why I am not really afraid of trying out new recipes that I find on the Internet. I love discovering new ways to cook my family’s favorite meals. You won’t believe how many versions there are of how to make lasagna (a family favorite)!

Anyway, my family loves the new dishes I serve and that encourages me to search for new recipes to try out. This will also be a great way for me to add more entry into my Instagram blog.

My all-time favourite cooking blogs

While the cookbooks are still a great source of dishes, I find myself enjoying cooking blogs. There is something more real and authentic with them. I love reading about the people behind the blogs because, well, I can relate to them. Being a blogger myself, I love how open they are and generous in sharing what they know about cooking. I feel like making friends with them as I go through their blogs.

Although I have come across several cooking blogs, these are the three that I have really come to love.

Lavender and Loveage

This is the blog of Karen Booth. She is from South Africa and is very vocal about how her mother and grandmother influenced her cooking style. She loves using local and seasonal produce – just like me! She lives in Yorkshire but she holds cooking workshops in south-west France. That, for me, makes her a really impressive cook!

Deliciously Ella

This is another cooking blog that I am quite fond of. Ella Woodward is emerging as a brilliant cook online. She was diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome and this led to a complete lifestyle makeover for her. What I love about her blog is that she turns unhealthy meals into healthy ones by substituting certain ingredients.

Poires Au Chocolat

This is one of the new cooking blogs that I recently discovered and I must say it impressed me a lot! I have been looking into baking more for my family and this is one of the blogs that I usually get my recipes from. Emma Gardner grew up in Devon and has some impressive baked goodies that I am dying to try out.

Some of the famous cooks I follow

Of course, I also have to share the cooking blogs of my favourite cooks. I am inspired by their method of cooking and I love how they have built an empire around it.

Rachel Ray

I love this woman. She is such an inspiration to me. My favourite is her 30-minute meals and how she always talks about her family whenever she does her cooking demos. There is a lot of warmth whenever she cooks and I really love that about her.

Jamie Oliver

I used to watch his cooking show – the one where he cooks in a seemingly small apartment kitchen – I forgot the name of that show but that was how I got to know Jamie Oliver. I love his method of cooking and the ingredients that he uses.

Wolfgang Puck

Now, this guy cracks me up. He has such a dynamic personality but his dishes are something else! This is probably why he is one of my favorite cooks. I usually find myself copying one of his recipes – which I must say my family really loves.

What about you? Do you have favourite cooking blogs?

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